Baby steps back to blogging…please be gentle!

As many of you know I took the decision early last year to stop blogging. My reasons for doing this were manifold, and I’m not about to bore you with the details (although some of you know some of the reasons). The messages I received from people asking me to start blogging again, how much people enjoyed my posts and the support some of you gave me last year during some difficult times were amazing. All I can say is thank you.

So today I’ve decided to get back into blogging. About biosimilars, but about a lot of other things as well. Don’t be surprised if you see me comment on a wide range of things this year, like movies, music, sport, politics, the latest Star Wars Lego toy that I’ve purchased (I’m working my way through this list of key rings at the moment; R2D2 is next up on my list), general pharma issues. And of course, biosimilars.

All of this being said, it’s important to lay down some rules of the road, so I can manage people’s expectations. I’ll only be blogging at the weekends, days off and public holidays. I have a job and my employers deserve nothing else than my full attention during the working week. Some of the bells and whistles I used to provide before have gone and won’t return. Things like lists, the Wall of Shame, that kind of thing. This blog will now be 100% my personal opinion on things. Quickfire blogging will become the norm. Perhaps most importantly, my blog is meant to be fun. I want to look forward to blogging, not see it as a chore. It’s not to be take too seriously. And it must never be used against me!

On the subject of biosimilars, 2017 is looking like it could be another bumper year for the biosimilars market. Lots of other people have said as much, and for the most part I agree. Plenty of news flow is expected in terms of clinical data, regulatory approvals, launches, more colour on how the commercialisation of biosimilars is going to look, and how lawyers will continue to get rich on both sides of the Atlantic.

I’ll be dipping into some of the key events from the last 12 months, and giving you a view on what to look out for over the next 12 months, very soon. After all, 2017 is only two weeks old. That being said, I can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie, and the Bladerunner sequel (Bladerunner 2049) looks frickin’ awesome.

Take care peeps, enjoy your weekends!

Duncan (aka @biosimilarz).